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tall handsome basketball player

basketballer massive mike Massive Mike is a 6'9" (2.05m) 225 lb. (102 kg) male model handsome bodybuilder basketballer.  Good lord, talk about having it all!  Even by my over-the-top standards he's unbelievable.  This website is getting ridiculous! Which section should I put him in?  You see the torture that is the running of a tall men's site. So many hard decisions!  Actually, the decisions aren't the only thing that is hard. Badoom boom!  I decided to put him in Basketball because that is the smallest of the three sections.

Mike was born in 1981.  Jeez, he is no older than "The Empire Strikes Back".  I think of everything in "Star Wars" metaphors.  Although he is an American and has played basketball in the US for the Atlanta Vision he's also played overseas in Middlesbrough England and Australila.  He is a power forward/center.  On his website he writes:  "I have been very fortunate in my recent years to be afforded the opportunity to pursue one of my oldest childhood dreams and play professional basketball. After a lot of medical problems, personal issues, and self-doubt, I took the plunge to move to another country and attempt to be the man I always wanted to be. In doing so, all the dreams I had as a child that had been suppressed through years of “growing up” suddenly started coming to light. Finally, I sat down and started a list of everything I wanted to do before society, or any other real influences suggested what ‘happiness’ means. To my surprise, the list grew and grew into something I know, if completed, I could look back on and be proud. A few of the items may be a tad superficial or off the wall, but the majority of them revolve around travel, exploration, and self-realization. Just all things when I first took note of them, stirred some type of emotion in me telling me they were things worth doing. "

"A big part of what I do around the world is coaching and helping in the communities. It all started with working basketball camps which led to a job running the sports and recreation department for a prominent church in Atlanta. From there I have done multiple charity, celebrity and fund-raising games around the world. One of the more exciting aspects of it all was coaching 2 groups of Aboriginal kids in their tribal games. I never really saw myself as a coach as I wasn’t especially great with children. However, I needed a job while in Australia and I was presented with an opportunity to not only be the head basketball and weight coach, but also someone to be a good role model and show them what it means to be a man. Seeing them every day and talking about life, relationships slowly built which turned coaching into something a lot more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. I hope to continue this aspect of my travels in the ensuing countries and hopefully have the same impact on them as I have had on all of the previous kids I’ve worked with. Not only do these camps help teach basketball, they help the kids understand teamwork, following rules, learning a concept and seeing it come to fruition thru practice and hard work, but also about leading a healthy lifestyle as I preach exercise, a clean diet and staying away from drugs and alcohol. Basketball has been a vehicle for me to pursue and achieve my dreams. Obviously playing professional basketball is not a dream, nor viable career-choice, for everybody. However, I hope I can inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to pursue what it is they desire most in their life. In this day and age, more people would rather see you fail than achieve. There is nowhere near enough support for children to not only help develop their passions in life, let alone programs to help them follow through and achieve them. I have not had a lot of support in this endeavor, but I am grateful for the few who have not only stood by my side, but helped in encouraging me to take the plunge, step out of my comfort zone and finally dare to be great… Dare to be human. "

His weightlifting personal bests are impressive. He has bench pressued 340 lbs. and squatted 365 lbs (to which you would add his 225 lb. body weight). His heaviest deadlift is 405 lbs. Ouch! That would rip my arms off!

"Through basketball, I have this amazing opportunity to live the life I have always dreamed of. I don’t remember having much support or any real role models growing up to help guide or inspire me to follow my passions. A lot of what I do overseas involves working with children and volunteering in the communities. Throughout the years, I’m sure I have coached over 3,000 children, and if I am able to reach and inspire even 1 of them, to show that through hard-work and believing in yourself, that anything is possible."  If you want to help Mike support kids he is taking donations on his website at the link below.

Mike knows a sports career doesn't last forever and neither do good looks.  So he wants to branch out into acting and modeling and I said I would be glad to promote him here and elsewhere on the web.

On his list of things to do before he dies Mike wants to scuba dive with great white sharks.  I suggest he do that last.

Massive Mike on the court for the Middlesbrough England Lions.

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