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7'2" 315 lb. muscle bear Liam Hughes makes a big country truck look small as a VW bug! Hughes' hometown is Hullbridge, England but has played in college for the Oregon State Beavers.  He is one of their biggest guys and is about to graduate and transfer to play another year at another school in Division II to use his final year of eligibility. He school stats are at the home page below. Congratulations to the logo designers at Oregon State who have managed to make a beaver look fierce. And don't get me started on the cheerleader's beavers. I mean the Beaver cheerleaders. Oh I just couldn't resist it!  Just kidding folks I'm sure it's a wonderful school.

Born in Rochford, England he was 6'6" by the age of 13. He began playing basketball at 14 for an East London club. He played cricket, soccer and rugby. He came to America and graduated from Modesto California Christian High in 2003. He's rough and tough in the action shots and he's not above kissing a singing catfish.

There is also a 6'2" British soccer player named Liam Hughes but that is another story and another department.  They are both tall enough to be here.


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