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male model badou laughing abs

Big Badou is so handsome he could easily go in the "Handsomest" section. It is full of working model/actors. Full because they are so short!  Barely 6'3" at best.  Badou, on the other hand, is a giant working model and former basketball player. So I'm putting him in the "Basketball" section where he can stand out.   Of course, at 6'11" (2.108m) standing out is usually not a problem for him.

I had not been aware of him until he wrote me and I was amazed at his size.  Men as big as him don't get many acting or modeling gigs so it's really great that he is finding work.  He tells me "I was born in Senegal, West Africa but live in Miami, FL at the moment. I would like to know how you guys go about recruiting new faces? I am 29 year old former division I college Basketball player. I am 6'11" 223 lbs. I have booked quite a number fashions and commercials jobs such the Li Ning basketball shoe commercial with Dwayne Wade from the Miami Heat, Samsung Galaxy S3 with Lebron James Tom the Miami Heat as well to name a few."

Badou is what casting agencies call "exotic."  That means he's not a slice of white bread like me.


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