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arnold van opstal basketball court

There are so many college players in the sports system I had not even heard of 6'9" 230 lb. (2.05m 104kg) Arnold Van Opstal.  He has a Filipino mom and a Dutch/German dad. He plays basketball for De La Salle University in the Philippines as of 2015 and is in his final year of eligibility before turning pro.  “My first year was hard. They we’re banking on me right away. It was too much pressure for a kid to handle,” said Van Opstal, who was just 18 years old then.

After studying kindergarten and Grade 1 in Manila his family moved to Sydney, Australia. His mom’s work as a diplomat forced them to relocate a lot. He spent majority of his youth Down Under. That’s where he picked up the game of basketball, playing it constantly with his friends. In 2007, a year after his dad passed away, his mother was reassigned to the Philippines. They had to leave again. By that time, he has already lived in four countries. “I hated it. I didn’t want to leave my friends. I wasn’t even planning on staying (in the Philippines), I was just there vacationing for the Holidays,” admitted Van Opstal. “It was hard at first, but God got me through it.”

In July 2014 he received a stern warning from the sports commissioner after he threw a punch at opposing player Alfonso Gotladera. Gotladera is also incredibly cute and 6'5". Oh I just hate it when cute guys fight! Don't hit the face! Opstal claimed he was "just playing basketball" and didn't mean to hit anybody.

He also loves to have his picture take so much that I don't even have to lower myself to publishing photos of him on court in his jersey.   Modeling? Swimming? Flexing? Exhibitionism? I'm there!

Getting ready for Christmas is a long, drawn out process when your body is long and drawn out! I wonder what Christmas is like in the Phillipines?


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